macOS 11 (Big Sur) Support Update
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macOS 11 (Big Sur) Support Update

Mar 22, 2021

March 22, 2021 - macOS 11 (Big Sur) Support Update

Cambium Assessment, Inc. (CAI) will release a new desktop secure browser for macOS on Monday, March 29, to support administering Indiana state assessments online using macOS 11.x (Big Sur). All student assessment devices operating on Big Sur must have this new desktop secure browser for macOS (v12.6) installed to access CAI’s Test Delivery System (TDS). Browser v12.6 will support both Intel-based and new Apple Silicon-based Mac devices. However, using version 12.6 on Apple Silicon-based Mac devices requires installing the Rosetta 2.0 application prior to testing.

All student assessment devices testing on macOS 10.11-10.15 must remain on CAI’s current desktop secure browser for macOS. The upcoming macOS secure browser v12.6 supports Big Sur, but is not compatible with previous macOS releases. CAI will maintain support for both the current and the upcoming v12.6 desktop secure browsers for macOS throughout the remainder of the school year. The 2020-2021 Additional Configurations and Troubleshooting Guide for Mac and 2020-2021 Technology Setup for Online Testing Quick Guide will be updated and republished on March 29 to support browser v12.6’s release. 

Please contact CAI’s Indiana Assessment Help Desk (866-298-4256) with any questions.

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